Organic Grassfed Sirloin Flap (1+ lb.)

1+ lb. grass fed sirloin flap (a.k.a. blade steak), certified organic click image above for more info
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Long grained like a large, skirt steak, these are loaded with flavor and also have similar consistency to a skirt. These are fairly good sized; usually over 12" long by 5-6" wide and 1/2" to 3/4" thick. Ready to marinate and throw on the grill. Or plain with a little salt and pepper when off the barby. Moist and robust. Thick grained and easy to strip out for shredded beef after a little longer cooking in the oven. South of the Border they call this Carne Ranchero; literally translated ranch steak; the steak often picked for its flavor in fajitas. Corn tortillas were plucked from the coals of the fire (ever tried this? wonderful!) and then pan fried and shredded Carne Ranchero and beans would fill the appetite of many a trail tired vaquero. Over l lb each; if not, we add more!