Organic Grassfed Baby Back Ribs, 2+ lbs, medium size

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Glenn went to a beef cutting demo the other day and heard the speaker lamenting that truly thick cut back ribs are hard to find these days because the big meat cutters have taken to cutting into the back rib beef to increase the weight of their ribeyes (even though it gets trimmed and tossed anyway). We don't do that--we leave all the meat between those ribs for you to throw on that barby. At home, we often put them in the oven with a little bbq sauce on them, and as they are cut from the back of the ribeye they are quite a bit more tender than short ribs. Cut in a full 6 to 9 bone rack, they are about 6 by 18 inches in size and comprised of the petite bones of the rib. These are baby back, as they only come from our young, premium grass fed yearling steers. They weigh in at a 2 lb minimum.