Organic Grassfed Ribeye Steak, well marbled (1 steak; 17 oz min)

This ribeye is the real deal. Well marbled...tender...Pahsimeroi Valley flavorful; a rare commodity in the grass fed and finished world. This steak's sheer size and satisfaction easily make a meal for two. Each cut packaged separately.

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Sorry; high demand for this item has it sold out!

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This is ribeye at the robust level, and at only a few times a year do we finish steaks to this size. Only the "Ribeye Nation" exceeds this steak in size. Don't let the 1.5 to 1.75 inch thickness worry with all of our steaks, these had to pass our rigorous test panel for flavor and tender. This is a steak that works very well for two, as there is enough flavor density to fill and satisfy.