What do our customers have to say about Alderspring Ranch Grassfed Organic Beef?

"I hardly go out anymore. Why eat out when I can have one of your steaks?"

Jim Wood; Bitterroot Grocery Emporium, Hamilton, MT

"I picked up our beef on Monday and packed it into our new (little) freezer as soon as I got home. Later in the day I noticed I'd mistakenly left a London broil on the counter. I'd planned on waiting to try a steak until afterweek-long trip, but the meat had thawed, so what else could I do? It was incredibly delicious. Wow, I had no idea that London broil could be so tender and so tasty. Thanks again. (But don't tell my wife.)"

Guy; Boise, ID cow on grass pasture

"Thank you for supplying us with the absolute best."

Jon Mortimer, Mortimer's Idaho Cuisine, Boise, ID

"Just wanted you to know I thought grass fed beef tasted terrible until I tried yours. Last year I looked up on the Internet Eat Wild and found (competitor in **, Montana) and bought a 1/4--It was the worst beef I ever tasted. Then I bought Conservation Beef and I thought that tasted good but it was expensive to ship to us. When I saw your ground beef at the Good Food Store in Missoula at a sale price, I thought why not give grassfed beef another try. I broiled it without any seasoning, and it had the best flavor! I'm so glad I found you!!! Now I can feed my family healthily. Thank you."

Diane; Stevensville, MT

Braised potroast"We are certainly enjoying your beef. Enjoyed our first sirloin last night. Whoever said that corn-fed was necessary to taste good? I told the meat man at Fred Meyer how much we like it and he made a face, grass-fed-ugh."

Alan; Idaho Falls, ID

"That was the very best roast I have ever had."

Karen; Salmon, ID

"Took two NY steaks home for Valentines Day. Best steak I ever had."

Chris; Bozeman Community Co-op; Bozeman, MT

"For a while my wife and I have stopped eating beef / most milk products due to health concerns from a horribly monitored beef industry. I applaud your efforts and am happy to see that you offer a quality choice and relief from traditional supermarket style choices."

Nathaniel; Deerfield Beach, FL

The horse team"On Dec 23, I purchased from the Good Food Store in Missoula, Montana (WOW, what a store) at the recommendation of their folks in the meat department about $300 of your fine products (custom ordered sirloin ground twice and steaks). I had asked them what was the finest quality meat they carried and they said Alderspring grass fed beef. Now I'm 70, I was reared on a ranch, and the only thing I could cook during my 40 yr bachelorhood was hamburger, porterhouse and/or "T" bone steaks and filets, price was never an object. So I ate a lot of them. And love beef, FINE BEEF, to this day. The finest flavored meat I've ever had TO DATE in my life was offered at Cannon's Steak House in Washington, D.C., no longer in business, and obtained through the services of a Nebraska Member of Congress. While we had sources for beef, including some from Omaha, Cannon's always was the best and would sell us a case on request. Till Christmas Day, they were unequalled in my mind. Well, dear Friends, your beef puts them all to shame. Both my wife and I believe your beef is the finest tasting beef we've encountered in our lifetime."

Mark; Polson, MT.

"I am very impressed by your web site, particularly with your emphasis on kind and gentle treatment of animals. I have only recently become aware of how inhumane the industry standard is and I am eating a lot less meat as a result. But I find myself eating more eggs and cheese and I have heard that conditions are pretty bad for dairy cows and laying hens too. I'm too selfish to become a vegan, but I just can't justify continuing to enjoy meat (or eggs or dairy) from concentration-camp farm animals. Whole Foods, the grocery store in this area that is supposedly interested in such issues, says that their beef is in a feedlot for a maximum of one third of their life. That is not exactly an inspiring standard for a company that I thought was something of an industry leader on this issue. Where are all the other Aldersprings of the world?"

Anne; Philadelphia, PA

"Your beef is great! My vegetarian daughter even had seconds when I cooked a roast!"

Nannette; Boise, ID

"I want to thank you for the food your raise and for the way you raise it. I am a Montana native and grew up eating beef raised on open range or pasture grass by a family friend, a third generation rancher, who did not believe in hormones, feed-antibiotics, mistreatment of animals, or misuse of the land. For 6 decades I have proclaimed the virtues of such beef and expressed my utter distaste for feedlot fare and have more than once won bets against skeptics who claimed there was no difference in taste. My wife and I discovered your food at Missoula's Good Food Store and it is absolutely wonderful, every bit as good and as healthy as what I remember from my childhood, and quite possibly better. That, added to the fact that you love and care for the land and wildlife as you do, has made us loyal to your efforts and your food, and in a world that sometimes seems tilted toward insanity, you are welcome as spring. Thanks for your commitment and the great job you do. We try to spread the word whenever we can."

David; Missoula, MT