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Alderspring Ranch
Grass Fed Beef is:
  • Grown by us on our high mountain ranch in Idaho
  • Grazed on certified organic and transitional pastures
  • Fed only pasture and hay; nothing else, ever
  • Never given chemicals of any kind (no antibiotcs, no hormones, no pesticides)
  • Dry-aged 18-21 days, the old world way
  • Hand carved and packaged

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         Red and Snap, purebred Suffolk Punch draft horses.  The Suffolk Punch is an heritage breed.   The American Suffolk Horse Association estimates that only 1,350 Suffolk Punch exist in the world today (800-1,200 in North America, 150 in England).
         Still teenagers, sometimes these guys will get into trouble, although they are gentle and willing in the harness.  We like to tell the joke:  "Where does Red eat lunch?  Anywhere he wants to."  With 2200 lbs of muscle, they can (and do sometimes) go anywhere they want, although they respect a good hot electric fence.  A one ton horse galloping and kicking up his heels is an awesome sight!
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