Step 3: Customizing Your Store Design

All right, so far today you’ve:

  • Decided what your product offerings will be
  • Created your products and collections on your Shopify website

Now you’re going to begin customizing the design of your store to make it function well and look great for your customers. Linnaea will walk you through that in the video below, but before we get started you’re going to need some nice photos of your ranch/farm to put on your store. So go looking for your best pictures on your phone/computer. Here are some ideas of what to look for to best showcase your farm:

  • Pictures of your family! This is important to show that you’re not just another online meat corporation!
  • Scenic photos/photos of your animals
  • Photos of people working around the farm
  • A big breathtaking image that can serve as your main front page image. Should make you go “wow” when you see it
  • All of these should be either horizontal (wider than they are tall) or square. Product images, as we’ve learned previously, have to be square.

Get those images ready and resize them to about 2000 pixels wide. Now you’re ready to follow along with Linnaea’s video below to start customizing your store’s appearance!

Note: this video covers a lot of ground on setting up your Shopify website! So the best way to get the most out of this is to actually follow along on your own website as Linnaea goes through this stuff. So maybe pull up this video on your phone and have your computer open to your Shopify website, then follow the steps as Linnaea goes through them. Pause if you need to, then keep going once you’ve completed that.

Also: Linnaea starts out in your “Themes” area. So log in to your shopify website, then click “Online Store” on the lefthand menu to start at the same spot as she does.

Got Questions?

Direct Message us on Instagram here! Either Linnaea or Melanie (another of our daughters) will get back to you!

So, after watching the video, go explore the customizer on your own store to start changing up the design. Your final assignments for today are:

  • Finish adding all your products to the website
  • Customize your design until you’re pretty happy with the appearance of your store

This will take you quite a bit of time, so we’ll leave you with that until tomorrow!