Step 2: Putting Your Products on Shopify

So far today, you’ve designed your packages that you’ll be selling on your store! Now it’s time to actually list those packages on your webstore.

In the video below, Linnaea will walk you through how to create collections (basically product categories) on your store and how to add a new product and add inventory on that product. Below the video, we’ve also added a checklist on what you need to include in your product description.

What to include in a product description

  • The cuts included in the package
  • How many pounds total, and an estimated weight for each individual cut (for example, 1 3.5-4 lb chuck roast). If you’ve got variable cut weights, let them know that individual cut weights vary slightly, but they’ll get the full pound weight of the package.
  • How it’s packaged (vacuum or paper?), other details on what to expect
  • Some quick cooking tips and ideas, and if possible a link to a recipe

What to include when creating a product

  • Make sure you add a product name (don’t make it too long, this gets messy)
  • Make sure you add a product description
  • Make sure you add a weight–this will help with shipping calculation (I actually forgot this in the video, I show you where to add this in the screenshot below)
  • Make sure you add an image (square, about 2000 px wide but no smaller than 1000 px wide)
  • Don’t forget to add a price
  • Add inventory current count
  • Add the tag (righthand side) to the product that you’ve specified for the product selection you want this product to appear in.

So that’s it for this part on adding products to your store! Once you’ve added all your products, click below to move on to the final task of today, which is beginning to customize the design of your store. Exciting!

Got Questions?

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