SOLD OUT! Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon TAIL Fillets, Salmon and Sable (Ugashik River origin) 3 pieces, 1.50 lbs total weight.

This is our best Sockeye deal on Bristol Bay Wild Sockeye Salmon: Tail Sections; 3 portions totaling 1.5 lbs or more.


Sorry, high demand sold these out!

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Tail Fillet trios priced at $19.50 per lb. Each group is comprised 3 portions weighing an aggregate weight of 1.5 lbs minimum. Since this is wild salmon, hand-cut individually by Traveler Terpening (the fisherman), the sizes and weights of each fillet do vary.


Tail Fillet sections come skin on outside and are the tailsection of Alaska Ugashik River Sockeye (red) salmon in heavy vacuum pack. Pin bones are removed by hand (hidden ones are extremely occasional). Each fish section is Vac packed individually (see picture), and is completely labeled and identified as Salmon and Sable origin with Traveler's logo, the weight and packing date. Personally caught, inspected, glazed, vacuum packed and blast frozen by Traveler himself in his remote facility just off the beach along the Ugashik River in Alaska.