The Simply Sticks Provision Pack

The real snack stick deal, and it ships free. Click on the above pic to learn more!
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The simple snack stick deal, and it ships free. We put it in a small priority mail box with no ice, because it keeps; that's why those nomadic Native Americans used jerked bison for their provision. In the box you get 10-12 individually wrapped, easily chewable, moist sticks of smoked Alderspring beef (3/4 of a pound, at minimum). Pure Alderspring...and some real spices. That's it. Smoked over hickory. NO shipping charges. Simple Alderspring Cure.



Organic Grassfed Beef Snack Stick Ingredients:

Alderspring organic grass fed beef, water, salt including sea salt, organic black pepper, celery powder, organic mustard seed, organic nutmeg, organic coriander, and organic granulated garlic. Packed in a 100% beef collagen casing.