Grassfed Organic Eighth and Quarter Beeves


Eighths tend to sell quickly. If you are unable to add one to the cart, please select another.

P-160805137MEsmall29.jpgWe've sold over 800 of these. Nowhere else online can you see the actual eighth that you are purchasing like you can here. The ribeye steak pictured with each eighth is an actual ribeye from that eighth. Click on the ribeye to go to a more information page with a high resolution photograph with every cut you will get in your eighth. No more mysteries.


Eighths are the most affordable and convenient way to stock up on the same grassfed organic beef that Mark Schatzker pronounce the best beef after a year of searching the world for the tastiest steak. There are no quality differences--just a way of serving our customers that allows us to pass on savings in inventory management.


We test a New York steak from each beef that we sell as eighths, and rate them for taste and tenderness. We're picky. The score given is on a 1-10 scale. We've never had a 10. But high 8's and 9's are a dang good steak.


Eighths no longer come with bones or liver; we found some customers did not want these. If you want those, just add them to the cart and we'll ship them with your eighth. Feel free to add any other items from our by-the-cut offerings as well.

We test a NY strip steak from every beef we sell online. We run them through our panel for flavor and tenderness and rate them accordingly. Here's how the scores work:

Flavor Rating: 1 on flavor means no flavor is detectable--a 10 is intensely wonderful grass fed representation (but not excessive);

Tenderness Rating: A 4 or lower on tenderness means that you want to be done chewing but can't be; a 5 thru 7 means that you should use a steak knife at your plate; an 8 - 9 means that you can use a regular table knife and do very nicely, and a 9.1-10 cuts with the back of a knife easily but still has nice body (We think spoon tender beef is gross and tenderness can go too far because beef without body is just beef flavored gelatin.).