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organic pasture butter "bitteroot gold", cultured, salted, approx 1 lb. Order limit on this hard to get (!) item: 2 lbs per order.

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Lifeline Certified Organic Pasture butter: “Bitteroot Gold”. Cultured. Salted with sea salt.

After the California gold rush fizzled out in the 1850s, many of those miners headed north to reports of rich gold veins waiting to be discovered in Montana’s Bitteroot Range. Although prospectors did find some, many lost interest and settled down to farm or ranch in the fertile soil of the valley. However, another form of gold has been discovered as of late in Lifeline’s pasture butter, with a rich yellow color that betrays the presence of carotenoids in their nutrient-dense pastures.

How it compares. We took a photo comparison test (see unretouched photo) between Ernie and Jen’s butter and Kerrygold to see which was more yellow when cut (Ernie and Jen’s looked like it was a tad more yellow, but it was close) and how they tasted. The results: They differed in flavor, but we couldn’t say one was better. Kerrygold was definitely saltier.

Color is only a skin-deep attribute, though, and the real test of grass fed goodness comes in taste. Unlike the pale white butters found in conventional venues, this butter has a lovely flavor even further enhanced by the addition of live cultures. Culturing up to now has been a largely European butter attribute, but Montana’s Lifeline Creamery cultures every batch of butter to maximize flavor and digestibility. Folks suffering from lactose intolerance often find they can tolerate cultured butter better (probably because of the culture’s appetite for lactose), and overall, customers find that the addition of living organisms actually enhances their digestive experience.

We think Lifeline’s butter is far superior to widely available pastured butter brands. Unlike Kerrygold, Lifeline is organic, free of gmo, corn and soy, cultured, and small scale. It meets our “food with a face” standard, so you can know exactly where, who and how your food was made. Lifeline freezes their butter immediately after cutting, and we’ll send it to you the same way. Keep frozen until used, as cultured butter will slip in quality unfrozen for more than 60 days.