The Paleo Provision Pack

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The Paleo Provision Pack More Details

This family-sized package is designed to fill your paleo kitchen with some of the purest, wildest grass fed organic beef on the planet, all priced at 5% off our a la carte rates. Don't want to buy that ribeye but still want your family to enjoy the awesome tenderness and flavor of Alderspring steaks? In this package are three of our best-kept secrets: the petite shoulder tender (so named for incredible tenderness that can compete with higher-end steaks), the flatiron steak (this little steak is just awesome on the grill), and two top sirloins. Besides these three steaks, you'll get a sampling of some of our other favorite wild protein selections, including our 100% beef paleo hot dogs (acclaimed by many as "the best hot dog ever"). This package comes to just over 10.5 pounds (or around 28 servings) of great beef to serve your family the best.


Included in the Paleo Provision Pack:


A 3 lb chuck roast, one 10 oz flatiron steak, one 8 oz petite shoulder tender steak, two 8 oz top sirloin steaks, three pounds of our regular ground beef, one pound of our slightly fattier ground beef (perfect for moist burgers), and a one pound, four dog pack of our paleo all-beef hotdogs.


The ingredients on those skinless hotdogs so you can buy with confidence: Alderspring organic grass fed beef, water, salt, ground mustard, paprika, celery juice powder, black pepper, white pepper, ground celery, and garlic. No old cull cows used in these hotdogs. This is the same young beef we cut our ribeyes from.
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