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Wild Hunter Pet Provisions

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Introducing the Wild Hunter Blend: handcrafted pet provisions, made from Alderspring’s 100% grass fed, certified organic beef.

We designed the Wild Hunter Blend with our own dogs and cats in mind. We have working dogs: border pups that herd our cattle, and Great Pyrenees who guard the ranch by night. Especially during these winter months when they begin to lose a bit of weight, we often provide them a diet of assorted Alderspring meats, especially organ (offal) meats. As for our cats, they are outside cats and need protein to stay warm. While in the summer they hunt mice around the ranch, during the winter it's hard for them to hunt beneath six inches of snow.

The other reason we feed our dogs and cats beef is because we’re a little suspicious of typical manufactured pet food. We have no idea where it came from, and it often includes filler ingredients that wild cats or dogs wouldn’t naturally consume, such as vegetables, fruits, or grains. Rather, cats and dogs are biological carnivores, and thrive on what is referred to as "whole prey nutrition"--aka, consuming all parts their game.

With that in mind, we crafted this pet food blend with a combination of 90% assorted Alderspring beef cuts and 10% offal meats, including heart, kidney, and liver. Research has also shown that offal meats are an important part of a dog or cat's diet, because they are high in essential nutrients and minerals. The organ meats are actually what an original "wild hunter," such as a wolf or a mountain lion, would have consumed first. We tried to include all parts of the beef to create a complete nutritional package for your dog or cat in one blend. Our Wild Hunter Blend is human food grade, made from our organic grass fed beef, and packaged in a USDA inspected facility. However, it is designed specifically for dogs and cats, as the "offal" flavor that we wouldn’t find appealing is perfectly suited for our pets!

Comes in a 12-oz, easy-tear package with a resealable zipper closure. 

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Wild Hunter Blend
Wild Hunter Blend
1 package of our Wild Hunter blend, designed for dogs and cats. Made from 90% assorted beef cuts and 10% offal (kidney, heart, liver). Certified organic, grass fed, USDA inspected. This is a 12 oz package of our raw Wild Hunter beef blend, ziploc resealable with an easy tear opening.