Subscription Package West: The Wild Wellness 15; FREE Shipping; $200.00 per month

Over 15 pounds of Alderspring...hand selected for you. The discounted subscription deal means you get all the diversity that is found in an eighth the same price per pound, without filling up your already full freezer. Click on the above image to read on about this great deal.

Ships FREE.

Price $200.00 per month

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Price $200.00 per month

Wild Wellness. Those words speak to Alderspring's unique place in a world awash with untraceable "grass fed" beef. We wanted to put something together that you can be absolutely rest assured about the attributes of traceability (us) and cleanliness (organic and 100% chemical free of any kind) and grass fed (no feedlots ever; always on pasture).

Itís a nice box of beef that we choose that has a max of 4 lbs ground beef, and a minimum of 3 nice steaks (NY, Filet, Ribeye), and no bone-in meats. Those high level cuts may not be perfect for premium pricing, but they will be great eating, guaranteed. Youíll get a small roast, and a package of our skinless, hickory smoked hot dogs or kielbasa (no hog casingójust our organic beef and real spices). Then we fill the box with other steaks, stew and kabobs to get to over 15 lbs. Itís our choice, and you get the real deal of savings with no time-taking decisions to make. We've shipped well over a 100 of these, and folks love them. They have, in fact, trusted us.

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