Organic Grassfed Ground Beef, Magnum Fatty

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This fatty ground beef tests in around 60% lean, and is another step up in fat content from our fatty ground. Glenn likes to make breakfast sausages in the morning from this ground, as it is just right to keep plenty of moisture in a nice sagey breakfast patty while frying, and still have a little fat in the pan to throw a round of leeks and kale greens in the cast iron skillet to complement a nice paleo meal of sausage and eggs. Burgers are super moist (don't overcook, or you'll lose your fat) when using this ground in a pan. The beautiful thing about our latest aging protocol is that there is only wonderful flavor imparted by the fat increase and no sense of tallow funk often found in fatty ground! Why buy a Kobe ground when you can get an organic grass fed ground right here that is not only a flavor rockstar, but has a healthy fat composition?

Sold by weight (packages may vary between .9 and 1.3 lbs), we weigh out our ground to ensure you are getting your ordered weights.