Organic Grassfed Bones

half of the bones in this 10 lb box are marrow and the other half are knuckles. Click image above for more info

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Want to warm up your kitchen with some delicious beefy broth simmering on the stove? Most days, especially in the winter, we have a big pot of broth on the stove. These are favorites for those GAP (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), WAP (Weston A. Price), and Paleo Diet followers. Our bones are purchased by these folks and many chefs for soup stock and sauce bases. Frozen and full of marrow, they are cut in 1-3" chunks for your convenience. Made only from our premium young beeves, you can be sure of their source. Also Try our Osso Buccos for added beef to your bone fancy!

Many of our patrons are avid purchasers of our bones for their canine friends. Our own border collies are regular consumers of raw bones; we believe they are critical to good health.

Wrapped and sealed at our packers, these bones come in a bag-lined cardboard box that is blast frozen and weighs a minimum of 10 lbs.