Organic Grassfed Extra Lean Ground Round

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This extra lean ground beef is made from one of the leanest cuts of beef--the Round. Perfect for those recipes requiring extra lean beef or for folks who are simply after the protein and enjoy low (read "no")-fat beef, this ground is 97% or more lean (rarely available in stores). This beef is not recommended for the grill as it is really LEAN and will dry out as it holds almost no fat. They say fat is the flavor of beef, which is not true--but fat does carry flavors to your taste buds. As a result, unless it is cooked very rare or with the utmost care, this ground will appear low on flavor if dried out and overcooked. Sold by the pound (packages may vary between .9 and 1.3 lbs), we weigh out our ground to ensure you are getting your ordered weights.