Organic Grassfed Fattier Ground Beef

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This ground beef is around 68-75% lean, ground twice just like our regular grind, and from our dry-aged yearling beeves. The difference lies in the fat content. Some folks would wonder why the price is not less--the fact of the matter is that this ground is in pretty high demand (we often run out!). We believe that this fat is actually good for you because of its green pasture origins and the healthy fatty acids that result from the steady diet of greens that our beeves consume. Like the flavor of a Ribeye? Try this ground beef grilled in a burger still showing some pink and experience a whole new level of flavor in what you thought was just a lowly burger. Paleo folks love it that when combining our lovely grass-fed protein with health pasture fats, this burger balances what your body needs...our own Alderspring cowboys fight over rights to eat these first when we have vacuum failures! Sold by weight (packages may vary between .9 and 1.3 lbs), we weigh out our ground to ensure you are getting your ordered weights.