Organic Grassfed Beef Tongue

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On Sale!

These can be pretty amazing if prepared right. Steak author Mark Schatzker says "You can braise tongue, and it's really good. There are nice recipes online. Or, the Japanese way is to half freeze it, then cut a 3 inch section, turn upright and slice the skin off. Then, slice medallions across the grain. Think thin medallions. No thicker than a Canadian 1 dollar coin [or US dollar, for that matter-g]. Get an iron skillet hot as can be. Then flash fry both sides. You don't really need oil. Sprinkle some salt on them after they cook, and enjoy." Whole washed tongues from our premium young beeves weigh in at 1.2+ lbs. Tongues can vary in weight, so if it is slightly smaller than the 1.2 lbs we will refund you based on weight at $7.5 per pound.