Grass Fed Korean Style Short Ribs, Certified Organic

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Grass Fed Korean Style Short Ribs, Certified Organic More Details

These Korean Style short ribs are cross cut ribs cut in quarter to half inch thickness in 3-7 rib segments. We like these marinated in a good fermented soy sauce with some garlic and onions, then quick fried in a hot cast iron wok. Served with some stir fried vegetables over rice, you have a savory meal in just a few minutes. Occasionally, in the interest of time, we have skipped the marinade by just soaking them in the above sauce and dropping them right into the hot wok--a little chewy, but tasty nonetheless. Packages vary in weight from 1 to 4 lbs; we will weigh your packages to make sure that you have at least 4 pounds total. Know that these do have some bone dust on them. A gentle rinse in warm water and a pat dry takes care of that, and makes eating much more enjoyable!



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