Organic Grassfed Sliced Corned Beef (8 oz pack) SOLD OUT!

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Corned Beef--Made the old world way and sliced in eighth inch slices, ready for that sandwich. Just the right amount of salt, season and moisture and made from only Alderspring's premium organic sirloins and rounds--from young beeves only! This is a nicely seasoned and ready to eat sliced beef, ready for grazing from a tray or as the foundation of a sandwich.

No chemicals at all; just seasonings and sea salt. Gluten, MSG, dairy, soy and nitrate/nitrite free. 100% Alderspring Organic Grass Fed beef (except for the spices). Ingredients: Alderspring organic grass fed beef, water, salt including sea salt, honey, granulated garlic and celery powder.

$9.00 per 8 oz