Organic Grassfed Beef Sliced Pastrami (8 oz pack)

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Pastrami--the king of sandwich meats made from only Alderspring's premium organic sirloins and rounds--from young beeves only! Sliced an eighth inch thick. This is a nicely seasoned and ready to eat sliced beef, ready for grazing from a tray or as the foundation of a sandwich. You'll note that it's a little dryer than many factory made pastramis that can come with too much water and stuff ("deli-slime"). As a result, this pastrami keeps better, and to make up for the dryer texture, we just add a little more mayo or mustard on those sandwiches.

Gluten, MSG, dairy, soy and nitrate/nitrite free. 100% Alderspring Organic Grass Fed beef (except for the spices). A slight amount of sugar is added to keep with traditional pastrami recipes. Ingredients: Alderspring organic grass fed beef, water, salt including sea salt, sugar, granulated garlic, celery powder, rubbed with black pepper and coriander.

$9.00 per 8 oz