Organic Grassfed Gluten Free Beef Jerky

This is the best jerky we've ever tried. And there is no weird stuff in it either. Click on the above image for the straight story.
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Introducing...that long awaited jerky from Alderspring. It's our honey beef jerky. Frankly, this is the best dang jerky we have ever had, with a super simple ingredient list, and no liquid smoke or weird stuff that the other jerkys have in them like MSG, soy or nitrates/nitrites. And the coolest thing of all? It's made of 100% Alderspring grass fed organic beef. I'm not talking cull cows, either. Most jerky available today is made of retired dairy and beef cows who usually offer tough, dry meat. Most jerky available on the market today is sourced from cows not from the USA. Our jerky is ONLY made from London broils, eye of Rounds, top sirloins and sirloin tips from only our young organic beeves that we cut NYs and ribeyes from. We raise and finish each of these...we buy no meat from others. No foreign mystery meat here. These are artisan smoked by our award winning meat handcrafter, Dewey Emmett (hundreds of trophies and plaques line his office walls). He uses real hickory chips for smoke...the old way, in small batches. Native Americans cured their buffalo jerky the same way. This is fully cured, but very chewable (not tough), and is shelf stable for a few days, so we freeze it until we take it for our pack, purse or saddlebags. Enough said.

3 oz packages, vacuum packed. Portion size of 3 oz is in the pictures above. These are in strips, easily chewable 1/2" thick by 2-3".

$11.35/, 3 oz each.


Full disclosure ingredients:

Alderspring organic grass fed beef, Montana local honey, water, sea salt, black pepper, celery juice powder, and granulated garlic. Free of gluten, soy, refined sugar, corn, GMO and dairy. 100% beef.