Organic Grassfed Beef Polish Kielbasa (smoked)

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In spite of huge language differences, it seems that there was a little swapping of ideas over the border between 19th century Germany and Poland...specifically in sausagemaking. This Kielbasa resonates with northern European flavors with a little Western twist of real hickory smoke. Placed on a nice hard roll, or even a tortilla with anything from salsa to feta cheese, this milder, yet full flavored dog is edible by all ages and complements many a dinner dish or salad. Pre-cooked in Dewey's Stillwater Meats of Montana's smoker, they can even be eaten uncooked...because they are already done. Placing them on the grill brings new life to that dog, without drying because of that nice complement of Alderspring's own Omega-3 fatty acid pastured young beef fat.

From only Alderspring's premium organic custom ground beef--young beeves only! Because it is made of only fresh seasoning ingredients, it packs some nice Polska flavor. Sold by the package with each 4 dog pack weighing about 1 lb each.



Full disclosure ingredients:

Alderspring organic grass fed beef, water, salt, honey, celery juice powder, black pepper, garlic and marjorum. Packed skinless, meaning there is no casing! Yep, that makes them 100% Alderspring beef.