Organic Grassfed All Beef Frankfurter (Hot Dog!) Large size; 4 dogs in a 1 lb pack.

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NEW! Now 100% certified organic! This is a hot dog to write home about. It's the real deal, purposely made to represent the real frankfurter--no pieces, parts, or waste scraps here. Pre-cooked in Dewey's Stillwater Meats of Montana's smoker, they can even be eaten uncooked...because they are already done. But thrown on the barby, these dogs get new life, and become marinated in their own grass fed Omega-3 fat--lovely, and caramelizing. From only Alderspring's premium organic custom ground beef--young beeves only! Because it is made of only fresh seasoning ingredients, it packs some serious Frankfurt flavor. Sold by the package with each 4 dog pack weighing about between 0.9 and 1 lb each.



Full disclosure 100% organic ingredients:

Alderspring organic grass fed beef, water, salt, ground mustard, paprika, celery juice powder, black pepper, white pepper, ground celery and garlic, packed skinless, meaning there is no casing on these dogs! Yep, that makes them 100% Alderspring beef franks.