Organic Grassfed Brisket, Small (4-5 lbs.)

small grass fed brisket, 4-5 lbs., certified organic click the image above for more info
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This large, flat roast is Glenn's favorite. Very slow cooking brings out the extraordinary texture and flavor of brisket. You can cook it all day on low in the oven and come home to a wonderful, moist dinner roast, and then make sandwiches from the leftovers the next day. Caryl likes to put smoky brisket bits in baked beans the next day. 

Got an Irish lean? You can also make that St. Pat's tradition of corned beef. Versatility is pretty incredible with the brisket, because it may indeed be the flavor king!

Because of high demand, limit two per order. This is a pretty variable cut, so we'll bill you actual value based on weight at $7.80 per pound.