Not So Pricey Steaks

You've come to the right place to savor the pastured perfection of the Pahsimeroi Valley's offering to the world of beef.



Why does this page find repeat visitors time and time again?

Diversity. This page offers one of the greatest varieties of grass fed offerings in the business. People find a full range of flavor while meeting the needs of ethnic culinary traditions.

Aging. Our unique combination of dry and wet aging ensures maximum tenderness and flavor development without the threat of mycotoxin formation due to our steak-specific protocol. This means that flanks and skirts, usually vulnerable under a typical dry-age regime, are intact with no dry-age loss.

Flash freezing. This ensures minimal cell wall damage as these lovely cuts go from fresh to frozen, locking in the gift of flavor for months to come.

Try each of these cuts with only basic seasonings like salt and pepper to fully experience the delicate flavor of high mountain Pahsimeroi pastures. Our highly mineralized montane soils and near freezing nights on green, lush grasses develop flavors to a level not often found in beef.


One steak per package unless otherwise stated.


If this is a gift, let us know if you would like us to send a card, and don't forget to include your message on the comments section of the checkout page!