Alderspring Grass Fed Organic Beef

In a world where beef categorizes everything that comes fom cow, we probably need to make a distinction: many of Alderspring's customers have a hard time calling the protein we produce simply beef. It's that different. Alderspring is a wild protein, that where beeves live on wilderness landscapes, and harvest over 70% of their yearly green forage themselves on 70 square miles of Rocky Mountain rangelands. Here, our cowhands live with them 24/7, carefully seeking out the best grass and wild forages and herding our cattle to them. Our cowhands aren't just cowboys; while they practice husbandry, they are the artisans of the most nutrient dense, flavorful beef on Earth.

We know of no grass fed beef purveyor whose production protocol matches ours. With our practices, we strive to mimic the natural rhythms of buffalo that used to occupy these rangelands while preserving, even enhancing the ecological integrity that these wild landscapes are comprised of. Even our relationship with predators such as wolves, mountain lions and bears has changed to a completely non-harmful, non-lethal interaction. Predators thrive, as do our beeves because of our continual human herding presence on the land.

Enjoy the taste of wild, and a brave new world of fully developed flavor where your taste buds can almost recreate the pristine High Pahsimeroi.