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Alderspring Grass Fed Organic Beef Offerings

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In a world where "beef" is anything that comes from the cow, we need to make a distinction: many of Alderspring's customers have a hard time calling the protein we produce simply beef. It's that different. Alderspring is a wild protein. Our beeves forage on 70 square miles of high mountain wilderness. In those mountains, our cowboys and cowgirls live and camp with the beeves 24/7, herding them each day to the best grass while carefully avoiding sensitive habitats so that the wild animals who share our landscape can continue to thrive. The result: the most nutrient-dense, flavorful beef on Earth, sans guilt.

Enjoy the taste of wild, and a brave new world of fully developed flavor where your taste buds can almost recreate the pristine landscape of the High Pahsimeroi.