Lava Lake Lamb, Baby Back Ribs

1 package baby back ribs, 2 sets per package...aprox. 1.2 lbs. click image above for more info

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Similar in shape and size to pork baby-back ribs, and to veal breast for tenderness these sweet and succulent babyback ribs come from the breast plate of the animal. Cook them in a slow oven, braising in their own fat and juices, and then toss them on the grill with a barbecue or honey glaze. Amazing. These are packaged 7-8 ribs in a rack.


Testimonial “I very much enjoy your lamb; when I was younger my grandfather had a small sheep operation a few miles north of Boulder, Colorado and specialized in “natural” lamb — before “Organic” was coined. He mostly raised them on grass, although he did feed them grain in the last few weeks before market. Your lamb is the first I’ve been able to find that tastes as good as his did. And, believe me I’ve had my share of lamb over the years having grown up on it and all.” Michael Wise – Ketchum, Idaho