Handcrafted Sausage, Dogs and Jerky

We love sausages and hot dogs as much as everyone! Unfortunately, we couldn't find any that likes us! You know the deal...you're just needing some protein for that cookout. Or maybe that day hike, or a wholesome snack food for the kids that isn't full of sugar. Something that you can trust--perhaps even gluten free--that doesn't contain mystery components or vague terms on the ingredient list like "spices" or "natural flavorings." Is there hope?

The answer in a word is "YES!" But it took years of trying and finally, a partnership with a true Montana Artisan to pull it off; his name is Dewey Emmett. Just walking into Dewey's Columbus, MT office inspires. Hundreds of plaques and certificates cover the walls from floor to ceiling testifying of the excellence of his handcrafted meat offerings.

Then, we needed to get rolling on recipes that tasted good, that also met protocols brought forth by you, our customers (and partners), like these:

No mystery stuff or chemical junk. We only wanted spices in there, and maybe some honey. If we needed a cure agent, we wanted a natural one, like celery. So there are no ingredients on the list called natural flavorings, or spices. And no chemical names...at all.

No lips, tongues, hearts or weird body parts. Just our premium beef--ground up. It's basically our grass fed organic ground beef, cased with cool flavors.

No Milk, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Nuts, Eggs, GMOs, Sugar or Gluten. So many folks today are sensitive to these very common allergens. In fact, the law requires us to list them on the label as allergens if we have them in there. Even sugar has folks sensitive, and since some of our recipes require a little sweetening to aid in the cure, we asked Dewey to replace it with local honey from the Montana prairie (we really like the flavor it brings to the table).

NO old cows or cull cows. All of the beef in these items is from our premium young beeves--no old, tough sinewy, leathery, nasty lifetime accumulation of toxin cows here (sometimes I think we know too much!).