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Delivering 100% grass fed, certified organic beef from our remote family ranch to your door.
We don't just grow beef. We grow wild wellness: connecting your health to our pristine mountain pastures through exceptional organic grass fed beef.


Why Alderspring?

Our organic certification means no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, or chemicals. Grass fed labeling requires none of these standards. There is no other health label as rigorously inspected and verified as the organic certification. It is our guarantee to you that you're getting truly exceptional beef.


Besides being certified organic, we are also 100% grass fed and grass finished. The nutritional values of true grass fed and finished beef include omega 3 fatty acids, additional vitamins, and more CLA. We take grass fed standards one step further by grazing on pristine remote mountain pastures. These pastures are diverse with native grasses and biologically rich mountain soils, resulting in nutritional value far beyond beef from conventionally farmed pastures.


Small-Scale and Family Owned: Tired of buying your food from nameless, faceless, placeless, producers? We, Glenn and Caryl Elzinga and our seven daughters, are your ranchers, committed to full transparency and integrity. Because of our own health challenges, our family is passionate about growing food that contributes to wellness. We connect your health with the wild landscapes we love and steward, one of the largest certified organic acreages in the country. Ask us anything.


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Don't have time to select individual cuts from the menu on the left (or at the bottom of this page if you're mobile)? Here's some introductory samplers and subscription packs that serve up a diversity of fare and value, at an average of 5% below the a la carte price.

  • Certified organic grassfed ground chuck
    The Paleo Provision Pack
    This family-sized package is designed to fill your paleo kitchen with some of the purest, wildest grass fed organic beef on the planet, all priced at 5% off our a la carte rates! Just over 10.5 pounds (or around 28 servings) of quality beef. Included in the pack: a 3 lb chuck roast, one 10 oz flatiron steak, one 8 oz petite shoulder tender steak, two 8 oz top sirloin steaks, three pounds of our regular ground beef, one pound of our slightly fattier ground beef, and a 1 lb pack of our all-beef hot dogs.

    In stock!

    Price $123.00
  • Grassfed certified organic chuck roast from Alderspring Ranch
    The Roast and Ground Combo Pack
    This simple pack is for you busy folks who love easy meals made with our hearty roasts and flavorful ground beef. Roasts are some of our favorite cuts because they are perfect for super simple delicious dinners, just as ground beef is very versatile for everything from casseroles to hamburgers. Easy, delicious, and healthy Alderspring meals are ahead. About 15.5 lbs (or around 38 servings), for a rare discount price of just $9.16 a pound. In this pack: a 3.25 lb rump roast, a 3.25 lb chuck roast, 6 lbs of our regular ground beef, and 3 lbs ground chuck.

    In stock!
    Price $142.50