Cross Rib Steaks

| What is a Cross Rib Steak? It is a very flavorful steak cut from the chuck. Its flavor easily rivals that of a ribeye, which is not surprising considering that the location of the cut on the beef is above the ribs, as is the ribeye. The difference is that the cross rib is located further forward on the beef. So if it is like a ribeye in flavor, why is it ¼ the price of one? In one word, tenderness. But here is sort of a crap-shoot, as we have found them fairly unpredictable in tenderness, with some rivaling that of a ribeye. So there you have it: At worst, cross ribs have great flavor and are chewy. At best, tasted blind, you may have trouble differentiating it from that $33.00 ribeye on the grill. Then there is that insurance policy that so many folks invest it to ensure tenderness: marinade. And perhaps that lowly cross rib will at least be temporarily exalted that place where only ribeyes and strips stand as some of those most memorable steaks…