Organic Grassfed Long Eighth Beef

Lot# 774c2

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Price $506.00
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Organic Grassfed Long Eighth Beef Lot# 774c2 click for details! *SOLD More Details

Eighth stats:

Pounds ground beef: 15.8

Packages ground beef: 15

Pounds Mixed cuts: 24.7

Total Eighth weight: 40.5 lbs

Ribeye avg weight: 13-16 oz

NY avg weight: 14 oz

Tenderloin avg weight: 6-7 oz

Ribeye, and NY, thickness: 1-1.5 inches

Tenderloin thickness: 1-1.25 inches

Other steak thickness: 1 inch

Ribeyes included: 2

NY strips included: 2

Tenderloins included: 2

Tenderness Score: 8.5

Flavor Score: 8.5


This eighth is 100% grass fed (as is all of our beef), and is a USDA certified organic beef raised and finished on Alderspring's lovely organic pastures; these beeves never see confinement or a feedlot over their entire lives. Completely hormone and antibiotic free.

Bones and liver are not included in this eighth. We have adjusted the price to reflect the value of the bones and liver.

Purchase two eighths from this lot number with the same letter to get a quarter, and we'll give you 5% off via a refund or look for a quarter which are priced per pound to be 10% off the individual eighth price per pound.

Click on the thumbnails below for a pop up that provides a close up view to zoom in on the ribeye or check out the cuts in this eighth. Two clicks brings a magnifying glass view.

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