Sampler Packages

L-winterFeeding2.jpgWondering what to order? Here are some ideas that allow you to sample the diversity of Alderspring fare. These packages make great gifts as well! Indeed, many gift recipients of these lovely beef arrangements have become loyal patrons of the ranch.

Another cool thing we have tried to do with these is to assemble specific genres of beef cooking. For example, folks into barbeque or using their Traeger smoker really get excited about "The Cue Joint of Dreams"!

All this can happen while saving money! All of these packs save money when compared to purchasing the items individualy.


Not having any luck finding the ground beef bundles? Don't despair...we moved them to our ground beef page!


Package: The Organic Grassfed Alderspring Sampler with Flatiron
Here is an excellent way to introduce you or your friends to our dry aged beef. The full spectrum of choice is here, from grilling to roasting as well as incorporating our beef into other dishes. Includes (all Certified Organic): 2 Ribeye Steaks (12 oz); 2 New York Strip Steaks (boneless top loin, 11 oz ea.); 1 Flatiron Steak (16 oz); 3 Top Sirloin Steaks (10 oz); 1 London Broil (12 oz), 1 chuck roast (3+lbs), and Ground Beef (6 lbs).

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Price $284.00
Grassfed organic new york steak from Alderspring Ranch
Package: I Love New Yorks
Not the City...but the steaks. Call it a Kansas City if you'd like, but this package features 6 of our Pahsimeroi pasture perfect Certified Organic New York Striploin Steaks. The bonus of pristine mountain flavor is included at no charge. click image above for more info

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Price $161.00
Package: Lean, Fatty, and Fancy
We made this little gem of a sampler just for the grill! The aggregate amounts to a sale price of 10% two if you got more guests coming--we'll get you covered! click image above for more info!

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Price $136.00
Introduction to Wild Protein with Flank Steak
This package brings a small sample of diversity from Alderspring's pastured wild protein to the table, with approximately 16 servings of the very best of grass fed organic beef from our pristine mountain valley. 100% Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol compliant. Included in this package are 2 NY Striploin steaks (10 oz min each), 1 flank steak (16 oz min), 2 top sirloin steaks (8 oz min each), and 3 pounds of our regular grind.

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More Details+Price $120.00
Alderspring Ranch certified organic ribeye steak
The Upgraded One of Each
New to great grass fed? Here's a chance to shortcut your search and try the best. 100% Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol compliant. Pack is approximately 18 servings, and includes an 11 oz NY strip, 11 oz Ribeye, 1 Flatiron (14 oz), a Top Sirloin Steak, a 7 oz medallion of Filet Mignon, a petite shoulder tender, a 1 lb package of our fatty ground and 1 lb of our regular ground beef.

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More Details+Price $164.00
Certified organic grassfed ground chuck
The Paleo Provision Pack
This family-sized package is designed to fill your paleo kitchen with some of the purest, wildest grass fed organic beef on the planet, all priced at 5% off our a la carte rates! Just over 10.5 pounds (or around 28 servings) of quality beef. Included in the pack: a 3 lb chuck roast, one 10 oz flatiron steak, one 8 oz petite shoulder tender steak, two 8 oz top sirloin steaks, three pounds of our regular ground beef, one pound of our slightly fattier ground beef, and a 1 lb pack of our all-beef hot dogs.

Sorry, high demand for this item has it sold out! Please check out the other size!

Price $123.00
Griller's Introduction to Alderspring
This kit will keep you in great grilling shape for a month or two with 25-27 servings of the best. Package includes a 12 oz NY strip, a 12 oz Ribeye, 1 Flatiron (14 oz), two Top Sirloin Steaks, two 8 oz London broils, a 7 oz medallion of Filet Mignon, a 1 lb package of our fatty ground and 2 lbs of our regular ground beef, and 1 package each of our 1 pound four dog packs of handcrafted German bratwurst and handcrafted Hot Dogs.

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More Details+Price $215.00
Package: The Pack of Wild Dogs (now, organic!)
Fear not. These dogs don't bite. In fact, you bite them, and you'll be glad you did. Our handcrafted sausage hand, Dewey, put the artisan back in sausage. Click image above for more info.

In Stock for the Holidays!

Price $75.00


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