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Pastured Poultry (Idaho residents only!)


Sorry to all of our friends that are from outside Idaho! Our processor could not get our needed USDA inspection done before our birds were ready, and that means we can only ship to Idaho addresses! We are not going to quit trying for next year!


Alderspring pastured poultry is back, and we've made it even better than last year (it might even be the best on the planet). What makes our birds better than before?

• Lush pasture. Our birds move daily onto a fresh break of diverse certified organic Alderspring greens. We cut in half the bird density this year, so that they would never use up all of their grass, and we moved them before it was eaten. Last year, we made the birds eat more, causing a potential decrease in their forage options.

• Corn, Soy, and GMO free feed. Our certified organic feed is produced on the Montana prairie, and meets energy needs with alternative grains such as kamut, barley and flaxmeal.

• Small processing batches. We only process 100-200 birds at a time, by hand, individually in an Idaho state inspected facility.

• Red or Freedom Ranger breeding. These birds are a breed similar to ancient heritage breeds that have natural forage ability intact. You’ll find them more flavorful than the Cornish cross birds raised by 99% of poultry raisers in the US.

• Predator friendly. They ranged within view of our home on Alderspring’s lush pastures in mobile pens that protected them from skunks, raccoons, coyotes, mountain lions and wolves. Our Great Pyrenees, Jackie had them in her territory on her nightly predator patrols.

• Pasture fat. You’ll note right away the orange flesh color of these birds, unlike the pale white flesh found in store birds. You can even see the color in the product pictures below. The rich color demonstrates the high antioxidant-rich diet of carotenoids and flavonoids found in the diversity of Alderspring’s pastures.

• Vacuum packed. As with all of our products, our poultry is vac packed to ensure freshness and integrity—whenever you enjoy it.

Please check back next summer for poultry products.