Alderspring Ranch Certified Organic Grass Fed Ribeye SteakThese steaks represent the high mountain Pahsimeroi Valley terroir at the peak of pastured perfection. Here are some of the events that led to Alderspring's current ribeye revelry;

-2006: Salon magazine says about Alderspring: "Never have I witnessed a piece of meat so move grown men (and women). Every taster but one, instantly proclaimed the grass-fed steak the winner."

-2010: Ian Brown of The Globe and Mail says "The grass fed rib-eye is a revelation. I realize that is the sort of statement that makes people think food writers are wankers. But, baby, it is true. The Idaho steak has the middle, the robustness of the wagyu, but without the fattiness; it also tastes, unmistakably, like beef...It is like being inside a cave of beef taste."

-2011: Mark Schatzker's book Steak (Penguin) goes to press and places Alderspring's ribeyes among the best in the world.

-2012: Wall Street Journal's testing of grass fed beef rates Alderspring with the highest ribeye.

-2013: ForbesLife places Alderspring's ribeye on its spring A-list.


The reason? All our beef is personally pasture raised and grass finished by our family on our remote, pristine, high mountain ranch. Our highly mineralized and vibrant soils, our organic, healthy grass, and our small scale attention to details are consistently reflected in the taste of our beef.

Finally, the true testament is repeat customers. Be advised that the weekly offering of ribeyes on this page routinely sell out in 4 days after Tuesday's posting, mostly to repeat purchasers! As we say on the ranch: "Alderspring steak is worth the wait!"



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