Filets Mignons (Tenderloin)

Filet mignon, also known as tenderloin steak, is the pinnacle of grass fed tenderness. The former name is taken from the French for "cute fillet", and although we would be hard pressed to call it cute, we could call it wonderful. Some would call it pastured perfection, as many who have tried an Alderspring filet develop an apparent addiction, and rarely order from us without their filet fix! Here are some of the features of this cut that creates raving fans:

Tender, yet flavorful. So many filets out there in the steak world are very tender, but fairly lacking in flavor. It's why you see other filets bacon wrapped. Alderspring's filets are tender and mild, yet still carry our signature wild mountain flavor that comes from our diverse grasses and young, highly mineralized soils.

Thick.We cut all of our filets 2 inches thick. These are the thickest steaks selling on Alderspring. Steak lovers know that thick means moisture and flavor retention.

We hand shape (really, individually) each whole tenderloin after a combined dry and wet age of over 3 weeks. Then, we flash freeze them whole to prevent cell wall damage and bring them back to the cutting table to be sawed into perfectly formed steaks.