Ground Beef, Ribs and Stew

An extraordinary phenomenon is happening in our webstore as of late...we are selling OUT of our ground beef! Why? Of course it's Certified Organic and thereby free of any hormones or antibiotics, but you already knew that. So what are the reasons that Alderspring's ground beef sales have spiked? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see why other people say they'll never eat ground beef again from anyone but Alderspring.


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Here are the reasons people love our ground beef:L-winterFeeding1.jpg


1. Flavor! In 2007, Forbes called Alderspring's ground beef "quite possibly the best hamburger meat you will ever taste." It's because of the wild landscape our beeves live on, and we believe that it is even better now, because since then, we've been passionately tweaking our protocol. It's no wonder Bulletproof's Dave Asprey termed Glenn a "beefhacker."

2. No additives. We add no flavorings, water, or fat to our ground beef. The fatty ground is simply beef that was not fat-trimmed, or we use fat from that SAME beef that we trimmed while cutting other steaks and roasts.

3. No cooler funk. Because of our short dry age period, no mycoorganisms or the toxins they produce on the beef can occur. These create off flavors and a "gameyness" that is also hard on your own gut flora.

4. One beef. The ground you get in a pound package of Alderspring comes from ONE animal. One lot number is on it, traceable to ONE premium, young Alderspring steer. The who, when, and where are all known. The average lb of beef in the US can contain hundreds of individual beeves. No tracebility there.

5. Pasture fat. The fat component of our ground beef is generated by our beeves during a 100% pasture raised life. The orange tint to it tells of the carotenoids present from green-grass origins not to mention the myriad of other healthy nutritive components that concentrate in that fat.

6. Handcrafted. This is the only word we could come up with to describe the fact that we have worked hard on refining many things about this ground beef from aging to fat content to make it the best it can be. It feeds our family almost daily; as a result, we sample it always. That is why it continues to improve and makes the best ground out there even better.

7. No cull cows. Our ground is made of tips and steak ends from the same premium young beeves that you see on the steak page. No tough, ill flavored or toxin-concentrating ground fat or muscle here.


If this is a gift, let us know if you would like us to send a card, and don't forget to include your message on the comments section of the checkout page!