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This is your ranch direct source for 100% grass fed organic Angus beef, raised in our wild and remote high mountain valley. Join thousands of other folks who have discovered that Alderspring beef is:


Glenn1. Among the wildest and most nutrient rich beef in the world due to our high soil mineralization and pristine environment.


2. Free from all aspects of industrial agriculture found in row crop production areas including GMOs and their chemical partners.


3. Intensely flavorful, as the greatest source of flavor and nutrition, living soil organisms are alive and well at Alderspring.


4. Founded on ancient influenced beef genetics that bring flavor and finish back to what pastured beef used to be.


5. Handcrafted, with intentionally designed cuts that have been created from 21 years of feedback from our partners, also known as our customers.

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Our next shipping date: Monday April 6, 2015.


We send mail gift certificates within 2 business days and email gift certificates are sent electronically immediately after purchase.


April!: The first tinge of green in the high Pahsimeroi. Temps in the teens and twenties at night with power sun days under Ektachrome skies shine on contented beeves with full bellies. Even though our beeves are still on green grass hay and just a tiny bit of green, Alderspring beeves are still raising the steaks for the best beef in the world. It comes down to them packaging our sunshine and mountain terroir for your plate and palate.



Wild By Nature Copper River sockeye salmon:



Now, for the third year, we are proud to partner up with our friends Chris and Heather Maxcy to offer their wild caught Copper River Sockeye salmon. Their fish meets with our desire to become a purveyor of the most perfectly pure protein.

The pristine Alaskan Copper River country is unique among northern wild salmon runs due to the torturously steep ascent of some 300 miles that these fish must endure. To prepare for that strenuous ordeal, these fish put on flesh that make them some of the most Omega-3 rich salmon in the world. It was a natural match for us to partner with them as their harvested protein mirrors the nutrition density of our beef, which also finds its origin in pristine country.



Some things to think about when ordering:

- If you are a WESTERNER (west of MN, IA, MO, OK, and TX), order over $200 of products in our web store and receive FREE Ground shipping (use code westover200 on the shopping cart page). Note that these discounts even apply to our packs and quarters!

- Before you shop, you should visit our FAQ page to learn about portions, packaging, and shipping.

- Please make sure someone will be available to receive the package 2-3 days after the shipping date.

- UPS will leave your beef at your door, even if you are not home. You may want to have your beef sent to your place of business. We gladly guarantee your delivery up to the point when it is placed on your doorstep, but if UPS delivers on time and the package is stolen, or you forget to put the meat directly in the freezer, or leave on vacation and it sits for a week, we cannot be responsible. We'll do our best to get your meat to you in top condition; we ask that you partner with us once it hits your doorstep! If you feel your front door is not safe, email us and we'll contact you to arrange a delivery date on which you are sure you will be home.


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Thanks for being our partners--because without folks like you, we would no longer be ranching. We look forward to hearing from you! Glenn and Caryl Elzinga.


OUR RETURN POLICY. We want you to be completely happy with Alderspring Grass Fed Organic Beef. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction and happiness. Just email or call us if there is a problem, and we would be happy to make it right. Our web address and phone number is on every package of beef we sell.

We've tried to design this online store to make shopping for you as easy and pleasurable as possible. If you have any complaints or suggestions, please email them to Caryl