Organic Grassfed Beef Shipped From Our Ranch To Your Door

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Fall gather of cattleWhat is so special about Grass Fed Organic Beef from Alderspring?

  • Grass fed.

    We feed our cattle nothing but green grass and grass/alfalfa hay. Our cattle never see a feedlot. We are truly 100% grass-fed and grass-finished providing you with the health benefits documented from grass fed beef.
  • Mountain pastures.

    We believe we live in the best grass-fed beef producing area in the country. The cold summer nights and high soil mineral levels of our mountain pastures grow grass like nowhere else, and result in a uniquely flavorful beef.
  • Absolute traceability.

    Because we sell you only beef from our ranch, we know each animal's history. Each cut is labeled and traceable to a single beef. We personally guarantee the purity and quality of our beef.
  • Careful husbandry.

    Our cattle are healthy. We will sell you no beef that has been treated by any chemical of any kind, including, but not limited to, antibiotics, hormone growth promotants, or pour-on insecticides. The occasional animal that requires any medical treatment is pulled from our program and sold on another market.
  • Dry-aged 14-21 days.

    Dry-aged beef is extremely rare, available only in the very best restaurants and from gourmet butcher shops. Why rare? Because dry-aging is very expensive. Why desired? Because dry-aging produces unparalleled flavor and tenderness.
  • Hand-processed.

    Alderspring Beef is processed in a small, family-owned, USDA-inspected facility, where it is prepared by hand into perfectly presented cuts of beef.
  • Small-scale.

    We are a true family-owned and operated ranch. All the beef we sell comes from our ranch. We are small enough for intimate care of our land and livestock, but large enough to grow beef as our profession.
  • Experienced.

    We have been growing 100% grass fed beef for discerning patrons for 15 years. This is our passion as well as our profession. We are confident in the quality of our beef.
  • Person to Person.

    When you call or email Alderspring, you'll get one of us (or probably an answering machine- we're outside working!- but we will call you back). We believe in personal accountability and taking responsibility for mistakes. We'll always do our best to make things right.

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Yearling BeefExplore our Site

Explore our web site to learn more about our grass fed organic beef and how it compares to grocery store beef, and labeled "natural beef." Read why we consider our beef better than organic, and beyond "natural."

Discover how to read food labels critically, and to be an informed consumer. Read about the research describing the health benefits of grass fed beef, and learn why the current beef industry model (even most "natural" beef brands) includes:

  • the use of feedlots with associated challenges of animal confinement: concentration of manure (smell, potential for water pollution), use of imported inexpensive feedstuffs, long-distance hauling of cattle and feed, lack of freedom of movement for the animals, increased incident of disease and need of treatment, and the use of high energy/protein diets to produce high rates of gain.
  • large-scale, high-speed processing that produces meat that may require "pasteurization" by irradiation to reduce pathogen contamination (e.coli and salmonella), and
  • industry concentration and control that diminishes the independence, dignity, and income of small farmers and ranchers (see industrial beef).

Learn how to use your purchasing power to support an agricultural system that is small by choice, intimate and personal. We hope you will join our circle of friends and neighbors who enjoy our beef with confidence.

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