Organic Grassfed Beef Shipped From Our Ranch To Your Door

Want beef from Alderspring Ranch? We ship nearly every Monday (holiday weeks excepted).


Is Alderspring beef Organic?

Mountains All of the beef for sale on the website is certified organic. We manage our home ranch of about 1700 acres and a range of 48,000 acres as organic. We use natural pest control, crop rotation, aggressive hand-grubbing of weeds, and manure management to achieve a productive healthy ranch ecosystem. We are certified organic by the Idaho Department of Agriculture. We occasionally have animal that cannot be certified for various reasons (usually antibiotic treatment when very young calves), but are otherwise raised with our organic cattle. These are for sale locally at a discount as quarters and halves. Contact us for more information if you live in western Montana or Idaho.

What does 'Grass Fed' mean? I thought all cattle were fed grass!

Our cattle are only fed pasture grasses and legumes (e.g., clover, alfalfa) and grass/legume hay from start to finish. They never eat any corn or any form of grain. They eat no animal, agricultural, or industrial by- products. They only eat grass and hay, the way we believe cattle were meant to eat. This means that our beef has the full mineral, nutrient and omega-3 fatty acid profile typical of green pasture raised animals. Our beef is good for you! Read on the rest of our webpage about why it is.

Do you use antibiotics or use growth hormones?

Never. While we sometimes treat sick animals with antibiotics, none will be sold to you as Alderspring Grass Fed Beef. We never use any form of growth hormones.

Do you irradiate the meat?


Do you raise the cattle?

We raise our beef on our family ranch. We grow most of our own calves, and also buy some calves from other organic producers. All animals spend at least several months on Alderspring Ranch before we sell them to you. We do not buy finished animals from other people and then resell them to you. We believe our grassfed beef quality depends on the consistent and meticulous grazing practices we use. By purchasing from us, you support an agricultural model that is becoming more and more unusual in the US: a non-corporate, single-family owned farm. You also support our vision of sustainable agriculture and the care for the land and the animals on it that it entails.

What is available?

Range riders Our beef is available as steaks, roasts, ground, and sausage in individually sold and wrapped cuts and in sample packs of 10 to 40lbs. You can also create your own custom packs in our online storefront. You can select or create packages of primarily ground beef, or primarily steaks. We also sell our beef in several stores in Idaho and Montana.

How do I pay?

We accept MC/Visa over our secure server.

How can I order?

Via the shopping cart on the storefront, or if you cannot find what you would like, you can contact us by email, phone or mail.

How soon will I get my beef?

We ship nearly every Monday, except those holiday weeks that UPS takes a day off. The beef is packed and leaves the ranch on Monday. Shipping takes 2-3 days.

How does my beef arrive at my door?

We use UPS to deliver insulated boxes of flash frozen beef direct to your home from our ranch.

How is my meat packaged?

The range We use a small family-owned packer. He is USDA-inspected, with an inspector examining every animal individually. Cuts are prepared by hand, not by machine. The beef is vacuum packaged in cryovak, so that the meat can be viewed through the packaging. Meat packed in vacuum pack will never freezer burn, unless the vacuum pack is punctured or compromised. We caution our buyers to handle their vacuum pack meat carefully to avoid putting holes in the packaging.

How much room will a 20lb package take up in my freezer?

A package of 20lbs will take approximately 1.5 cubic feet. A 40lb pack will fit in a typical refrigerator freezer with some room to spare.

Is any special cooking methods needed for grass fed beef?

cattle on the range You will find grass fed beef much leaner than what you are familiar with, and care is needed to bring out the best in Alderspring Beef. Overcooking can make it tough, and browning hamburger may require the addition of a small amount of oil because there is little internal fat to fry the meet. You won't need any special tools or equipment, nor does cooking our beef require extra effort. You just need a few tips. Look at our Cooking with Caryl page to find suggestions and great recipes.