Why Organic Grass Fed Beef is the Best Beef You Can Eat

Glenn and daughter checking the grassfed beevesTo us, grass fed beef is better than simply trendy, it is the right thing to do. Especially when the beef is not only grassfed, but also Certified Organic. Our grass-fed organic cattle are never confined to a feedlot, but spend their entire lives on our pristine, high mountain pastures. We treat the animals with respect and great care, and in return they bless us with beef we are proud to sell to you. Our beef is a whole food that comes from an agricultural model that produces benefits to all the parts:

  • Healthy, safe, delicious, lean beef for you and your family
  • Ecologically sustainable growing practices that enhance the environment
  • Enhancement of agricultural communities and open space
  • Humane and respectful treatment of animals

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